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Operating Procedures under Covid-19

For the safety of our community, Kehilat Nitzan acknowledges State Government regulations AND takes into account Pikuach Nefesh.

  1. Masks are optional (but strongly recommended) 
  2. We have resumed Kiddushim with COVID safe protocols in place.
  3. Cleaning procedures comply with our COVIDSafe plan.
  4. The rules for education apply to Kehilat Nitzan B'nei mitzvah classes.

Physical Onsite Preparations:

  1. Our cleaners come on Friday and Monday mornings to ensure cleanliness for Wednesday Miyaninm and B’nei Mitzvah classes and services.
  2. Congregants will be encouraged to use the hand-sanitiser.
  3. Spare masks will be available
  4. All windows and doors will be open to improve air circulation.
  5. We will advise congregants to bring jackets/coats as the improved airflow may be chilly if the weather is cool.

Covid-safe plan

Our Covid safe plan can be found here

Mon, 15 August 2022 18 Av 5782