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Current restrictions means we are unable to hold services at the Synagogue but that will not stand in the way of observing the Chaggim!

Rabbi Yonatan has recognised an halachic approach allowing us to live stream services over the chaggim and Shabbat and the Board welcomes everyone in the Jewish community to join us. There is no charge for access and we greatly appreciate donations.   

More information on service times, halacha and page numbers is below. 

Service Times Sukkot and Simchat Torah

  1. Sukkot Family service with Rabbi Gabbi and friends on Zoom - 4-5pm, Monday 20th September
  2. Sing your way into the Chag with Rabbi Yonatan and Moshe via zoom - 5:30 pm, Monday 20 September 2021
  3. Erev 1st day Sukkot - 6:00pm, Monday 20 September 2021
  4. 1st day Sukkot - 9:30am, Tuesday 21 September 2021
  5. 2nd Day Sukkot - 9:30am, Wednesday 22 September 2021
  6. Simchat Torha Family service with Rabbi Gabbi and friends on Zoom - 4-5pm Monday 27th September
  7. Sing your way into the Chag with Rabbi Yonatan and Moshe via Zoom - 5:30pm, Monday 27 September 2021
  8. Erev Shmini Atzeret  - 6:00pm, Monday 27 September 2021
  9. Shmini Atzeret with Yizkor - 9:30am, 28 September 2021
  10. Simchat Torah - 9:30am, 29 September 2021

Kosher Live Stream Services!

Under normal circumstances watching or using your computer or smart TV is not in the spirit or sanctity of Shabbat or Yom Tov.  If you set up your equipment before the Shabbat/festival it is not technically forbidden to view content on the Shabbat/festival! This loophole coupled with the concept of shaat Hadechak (a time of great urgency) allows us to livestream religious services.

What to do for your kosher participation in our KN livestream services from your home:

  • In order to avoid interacting with the technology on the Shabbat/festival, link to our livestream services before candle lighting on Yom Tov and leave the TV/computer/device on and untouched for the duration of the two days.
  • Using a smart TV rather than computer or other device is the best for keeping the rules of Shabbat/festival. If you use your computer or other device, remember to turn off the screen saver and password beforehand in order to avoid interacting with the equipment on the Shabbat/festival.
Mon, 20 September 2021 14 Tishrei 5782