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During this unusual and difficult period it is not possible for Kehilat Nitzan to hold High Holydays services at the Synagogue but that won't stand in the way of our observing the High Holy Days even this year! Rabbi Yonatan has developed an halakhic approach which will allow us to live stream over the High Holydays and Shabbat. The Board has generously decided to offer access to these Services to anyone in the Jewish community at this time of need. There is no charge for access but we greatly appreciate your donations. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

To register for online access to the High Holyday services please click "More Info" below. To make a donation please click "Donate Now". (suggested donation is $180 but whatever you can give is greatly appreciated)

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        Rosh Hashanah registration will close 18 September 4:30pm


           To make a donation please click "Donate Now".


In order to help facilitate a diverse gathering this year who will be able to follow along in our High Holy Day services we want to do everything we can so that you feel at home. We are providing the following downloadable resources towards that end. 
For those  who are praying from an Artscroll Siddur: We have put together a downloadable printable document so that you can easily follow along during the service in your own prayer book!
Kosher Live Stream Services!
While watching or using your computer or SmartTV is not normally in the spirit or sanctity of Shabbat or Yom Tov.  If you set up your equipment before the Festival/Shabbat it is not technically forbidden to view content on the Festival/Shabbat! This loophole coupled with the concept of shaat Hadechak (a time of great urgency) allows us to livestream religious services beginning this Shavuot.
What to do for your kosher participation in our KN live stream services from your home:
1) In order to avoid interacting with the technology on the Festival/Shabbat, please try to link in to our Live Stream Services before candle lighting on Friday  and leave the TV/Computer/device on and untouched for the duration of the two days.
2) Using a SmartTV rather than computer or other device is the best for keeping the rules of Shabbat/Festival but if you use your computer or other device, remember to turn off the screen saver  beforehand in order to avoid interacting with the equipment on the Yom Tov/Shabbat.
We won’t be able to share a Family Service at the synagogue this year,
but we are thrilled to invite you to view
our High Holy Day video, 
Enjoy, and Shanah Tovah!
Fri, 25 September 2020 7 Tishrei 5781