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Operating Procedures under Covid-19

For the safety of our community, Kehilat Nitzan acknowledges State Government regulations AND takes into account Pikuach Nefesh.

  1. Masks are optional (but still recommended) 
  2. Every person aged 12 and over attending Synagogue must provide documentary proof of full vaccination status (two doses).
  3. We will note these documents and acknowledge via a templated email back to the congregant that they have been registered.
  4. We will delete all original documents emailed to the office.
  5. We will note sighting vaccination certificates on a spreadsheet held in a secure drive and accessible by protected password. The spreadsheet will name the holder of the Vaccination certificate, the date sighted, and the name of the person who sighted the document.
  6. The shule will keep the register to ensure that proof of vaccination needs only to be provided once - not for every service.
  7. Anyone looking to attend services, or arriving at shule, will be turned away if they have not provided this proof.
  8. We have resumed Kiddushim with COVID safe protocols in place.
  9. Cleaning procedures comply with our COVIDSafe plan.
  10. We will roster a member of the Board to stand with the security guard. Board members will be responsible for identifying members of the congregation.
  11. The rules for education apply to Kehilat Nitzan B'nei mitzvah classes. These classes can resume in person from the week beginning Nov 1.  All children from and including those in grade 3 must wear masks in class.

Physical Onsite Preparations:

  1. We comply with the registration of/recording attendance
  2. We have replenished Covid safe products: masks, sanitiser, hand towels.
  3. We have the required QR code signage for weekday use.
  4. We have informed ESS Security of these measures.
  5. Our cleaners come on Friday and Monday mornings to ensure cleanliness for Wednesday Miyaninm and B’nei Mitzvah classes and services.
  6. Congregants will be encouraged to use the hand-sanitiser.
  7. Spare masks will be available
  8. All windows and doors will be open to improve air circulation.
  9. We will advise congregants to bring jackets/coats as the improved airflow may be chilly if the weather is cool.

Covid-safe plan

Our Covid safe plan can be found here

Tue, 24 May 2022 23 Iyyar 5782