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Becoming a B'nei Mitzvah is a very special occasion for a child and their family, and we provide a rich and meaningful way to celebrate this occasion.

Our program is informal and enriching. Sessions focus on the service and prayers; the weekly parasha; current events affecting the local Jewish community; Israel; the holy days; Jewish values, rituals, and more. The program is led by Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff together with Rabbi Gabbi Sar-Shalom.

Kehilat Nitzan has a weekly program on Wednesdays from 5:00pm - 6:30pm, that all B'nei Mitzvah students must attend for at least one year prior to the date of their simchah.

The program has intakes in February and July, though students may start at any time as long as it is at least a year prior to their B'nei Mitzvah.

The family (including both parents) of the b'nei mitzvah child must be financial members of Kehilat Nitzan for at least full year prior to the date the simcha falls. Any financial difficulties may be discussed with our treasurer or executive administrator in strict confidence.

The b'nei mitzvah child must be Jewish according to halachic (Jewish law) guidelines, meaning his/her mother must be Jewish by birth or by conversion (before child-birth), or the child must have converted.

In accordance with halachah, the b'nei mitzvah ceremony must take place after a boy’s 13th birthday and after a girl’s 12th birthday. At the family’s discretion, girls have the option of having their bat mitzvah after their 13th birthday.

Please contact the office to determine the intended date and the name of the parasha (weekly Torah portion). Please note that while we will make every effort to schedule a date as close to the birthday as possible, due to Jewish festivals or other events the date may not be immediately after the child’s 13th or 12th birthday.

For additional b'nei mitzvah information, click here. You can contact the office for application forms on 9500 0906 or via

Hebrew lessons

Hebrew lessons are now at Kehilat Nitzan as part of the Kesher/Bnei Mitzvah program.  Rabbi Link will work with our students at KN to ensure that they can read prayer books and Torah Hebrew. 

Rabbi Link will do an initial assessment of each student and determine which group they will be placed in. The plan is for there to be 2 groups - beginners and intermediate and Rabbi Link will meet with each group 1 x weekly during the regularly scheduled Kesher/Bnei Mitzvah class in term 4. Each group will be capped at 4 students. 

If your child is assessed as in need of a Hebrew tutor - we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and sign your child up today.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at 9500 0906 or email Rabbi Gabbi.

Resources for B'nei Students

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