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We are in the process of cataloguing our library and adding our books to the Lamm Library Catalogue.  

When you need to search for a book, you will be able to use the online catalogue link (coming soon) or use a dedicated laptop in the library & learning section of the Synagogue complex.

Please note that you can make tax deductible donations to support the purchases and ongoing running of the library and learning centre. Kehilat Nitzan has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status for our Community Library Fund.

If you would like to receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation, please choose the Community Library (DGR) donation category and a receipt will be emailed to you.

These links to external web sites have been grouped into the following categories:

  1. Conservative Movement
  2. Religious
  3. Study
  4. General Jewish Resources
  5. Local Jewish Websites
  6. Interfaith Related Websites

Conservative Movement

Learn all about Masorti Australasia through the following links:

  1. Website
  2. Facebook page
  3. Email
  4. masorti@emanuel: Emanuel Synagogue -- A Conservative & Progressive congregation in Sydney, Australia (Email)
  5. Israel Masorti Movement
  6. UK Assembly of Masorti Synagogues
  7. US United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
  8. Jewish Theological Seminary in New York
  9. Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem
  10. Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles
  11. About Masorti/Conservative Judaism
    1. Conservative Judaism: Covenant and Commitment (PDF) – Rabbinical Assembly brochure
    2. Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendants – Online excerpts from a book by Rabbi Elliott Dorff
    3. Revelation in Conservative, Reform, and Orthodox (chart) – PDF excerpt from Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendants
    4. The "Ideal" Conservative Jew: Eight Behavioral Expectations – United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism (US)
    5. Principles and Values of Conservative Judaism – BBC Religion site
    6. Teshuvot by the American Rabbinical Assembly
    7. Responsa by the Israeli Rabbinical Assembly in English / teshuvot:
      1. Bat Cohen/Bat Levi Aliyot: USCJ CJLS positive opinion; Shechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Israel) negative opinion (summary)
      2. Driving on Shabbat – PDF photocopy of the original 1950 responsa and Rabbi David Novak's 1974 dissent (from Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendants)
      3. Eating Kitniyot on Pesach (summary) – Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Israel)
      4. Homosexuality, Human Dignity & Halachah (PDF) – USCJ Committee on Jewish Law and Standards
      5. Including the Matriarchs in the Amidah – USCJ Committee on Jewish Law and Standards
      6. Using Electrical and Electronic Devices on Shabbat – USCJ Committee on Jewish Law and Standards


  1. Candlelighting times worldwide
  2. Mourning and bereavement guide
  3. Siddur Audio -- Audio files for the major prayers in the Siddur Sim Shalom, the Conservative movement's prayerbook (note that the page numbers are different than in our edition)
  4. Virtual Cantor -- Audio files for Shabbat and holidays, including the Passover haggadah, the megillot, Akdamut, and a host of others
  5. Yahrtzeit calendar calculator
  6. Navigating the Bible -- Audio files and tikun presentation for Torah and Haftarah portions (uses standard parasha divisions), plus Divrei Torah
  7. Torah Trope @ CAA -- Provides sound files for Shabbat Torah and Haftorah trope, High Holiday Torah readings, and Purim megillah readings (US)
  8. Triennial Torah readings (Congregation Shearith Israel in Dallas, TX) -- Both printable text files and audio files for each aliyah for each parasha using triennial divisions (US)
  9. UK Haftorah Trope - please scroll down this page -- Includes study notes and links to sound files


  1. A Page of Talmud -- Interactive site that breaks down the sections of a page of Talmud
  2. Biblical Hebrew resources
  3. The Hebrew Reading Crash Course from The National Jewish Outreach Program is available free online.
  4. BMV -- Virtual Beit Midrash of the Masorti movement in Israel
  5. Darsheini -- The Community Learning Program of the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilization at Monash University
  6. learn@JTSA -- Jewish education through distance learning
  7. Melton -- The Florence Melton adult mini-school (Melbourne)
  8. My Jewish -- The Personal Gateway to Jewish Exploration
  9. Sefaria -- A wealth of commentaries, connections and translations across a library of texts

General Jewish Resources

  1. Hebrew calendar tools -- Custom Jewish calendars, date converter between Hebrew and Gregorian dates, and other calendar-related information
  2. Jerusalem Post
  3. Judaism 101
  4. Maven -- Jewish Web Directory and Search Engine
  5. -- International kosher restaurant database
  6. -- Israel shopping online to support Israeli merchants
  7. VirtualJerusalem -- Jewish life, Israel, Judaism, News, and More

Local Jewish Web Sites

  1. AIJAC -- Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council
  2. AJN -- Australian Jewish News newspaper
  3. JCCV -- Jewish Community Council of Victoria
  4. JECO -- Jewish Ecological Coalition
  5. JewishAustralia -- All you want to know about the Australian Jewish scene
  6. JOIN -- Jewish Ozzies' Inter.Net: "The electronic voice of the Australian Jewish Community"
  7. SZCV -- State Zionist Council of Victoria

Interfaith Related Web Sites

  1. AIS -- Australian Intercultural Society
  2. CCJ Australia -- The Australian Council of Christians and Jews
  3. ICCJ -- The International Council of Christians and Jews
  4. JCMA -- Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia
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