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Joining - Why I belong

Our members say it for us:                                                                                    

Welcoming a new Sefer Torah

“This is the first time I have truly felt connected to a Jewish congregation, the first time Judaism has become relevant to me.”

“I’ve found my association with Conservative Judaism to be a true reflection of who I am as a Jewish woman.”

“As a man I am able to sit with my family....”

"Joining KN was actually life changing for me. I found at KN like minded people … people to whom Judaism is important and integral in their lives but who are not necessarily regular shul goers ... people who have a strong social conscience and who want to give back to the community.
From the moment I stepped in to KN I felt welcomed, supported. This is a community which is open and non judgemental. And it is a community which strives to engage every one of its members in some way, which treats every member in an egalitarian manner and which aims in some small part to add value to as many people’s lives as possible. It is a kind community. This is what I love most about KN."

“Kehilat Nitzan is a welcoming, accepting, traditional, and egalitarian community.”

“Synagogue went from being an annual obligation to a regular pleasure.”

“Spiritually, I have found a home”

To inquire about joining, please contact our office and make an appointment to meet Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff.  

Phone: (03) 9500 0906                 Office email:   Click here for an application form.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Information on Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Kehilat Nitzan can be found here - please go to the bottom of that page.

Sun, 25 July 2021 16 Av 5781